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What if appeal was available in a tablet? Would you take it, no questions asked? BE MORE CHILL is the most recent original high-school musical to hit Broadway, and the web is eating it up!

BE MORE CHILL follows the story of Jeremy (Will Roland) and his battle of being the resident loser at his high school. However, accomplishing the "best life" is now possible thanks to some mystical brand-new technology from Japan. What could potentially fail? Jeremy gets a hold of this brand-new so-called "chill pill" called a SQUIP (Jeremy Tam), which basically is his own personal Siri that informs him exactly what he needs to do in life, and in social situations to become the "ideal" individual. However, the SQUIP does not always have his best interests in mind, as sacrifices need to be made in order to become the individual "it" desires him to be. Entirely shutting out his best friend Michael (George Salazar), and flirting with the more the more popular girls, instead of the woman he in fact has sensations for; Christine (Stephanie Hsu). Jeremy quickly finds that the elitist he's become is not the type of person he wants to be anymore, and should discover a method to rid the SQUIP from his mind.

It's been a long broadway-bound journey for BE MORE CHILL. Beginning workshops in 2015, and lastly making its method off-broadway in 2018, the program took off thanks in part to becoming an overnight viral feeling. Featuring a lots of referrals to the web, social networks, and popular culture, online fans gravitated to the product, and required more. However how does it's off-broadway success procedure up to traditional broadway audiences?

BE MORE CHILL is absolutely larger and brighter than its previous off-broadway days. With lots of moving sets, flashy projections, and some outrageous costumes, you'll definitely be sucked in to this teen sci-fi adventure. One of the many highlights of this show, is its music. Joe Iconis puts together some great memorable ballads like "More Than Survive," and "Michael in the Be More Chill Bathroom," along with some fun high energy numbers like "The Smartphone Hour." Simply attempt not to take this program as seriously as its other broadway rivals! When a program's opening number begins with the primary character trying to get his porno to load, you know exactly what you're in for.

With the likes of Mean Girls, The Senior prom, and now BE MORE CHILL, high-school set musical's appeared to be the brand-new broadway standard. But each also share a special message behind all their goofy & often repulsive minutes, and BE MORE CHILL is no exception. With the concept of being yourself, and not the individual others wish to to be. Don't stress over the voices & individuals that surround you every day, listen to yourself, listen to your own voice. "There's never ever been a better time in history to be yourself-- particularly if you're a loser ... geek ... or whatever."

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