This 'Captain America' Easter Egg In 'Avengers

Avengers: Endgame directors Anthony and Joe Russo share another emotional behind-the-scenes photo, but this time around it showcased the original Avengers on the recreated set from their debut outing in 2012. In several of the TV spots, Thor is shown to look as he does in his prime during Infinity War, most notably in the Big Game TV spot where he's shown walking behind Steve, and in the scene where he, Iron Man, and Cap are walking towards Thanos. Immediately, Endgame ” is a more focused piece than Infinity War” by virtue of having a tighter, smaller cast.

It is one of Endgame's most touching scenes, but a line that Steve Rogers delivers before heading off on his time-traveling adventure makes it even more powerful. So, it is actually a really big deal that Captain America would call Sam Wilson a good man at the end of Endgame.

In the finale, Hulk un-snaps everyone dusted in Infinity War back into existence, eventually leading to a final confrontation between the heroes of Earth and Thanos's forces. Avengers: Endgame is the 22nd film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), an unprecedented collection of interconnected films, all of which have opened No. 1 domestically.

Survivor's Guilt : When Ant-Man, Black Widow, and Captain America try to convince Stark to come help them build a quantum time machine that can lead to them undoing Thanos's actions, he initially refuses to help because he doesn't want to risk the safety of his family, but changes his mind later that night after he finds a picture of himself with Peter Parker (who died in his arms in Avengers: Infinity War ).

The estimated international debut of $859 million, including a record estimated debut of $330.5 million in China, is also the highest of all time and even surpasses the previous global debut record of $640 million set by Avengers: Infinity War last year (which did not include a day-and-date debut in China).

Officially joining the Avengers for the first time are Ant-Man, Rocket, Nebula, and Captain Marvel. Tony Stark, when he dies after snapping his fingers wearing the Infinity Gauntlet to avengers endgame destroy Thanos and his army. Gear up for the end of an era with official Marvel Avengers: Endgame merchandise from Cover It Up. The Earth's mightiest heroes do whatever it takes to avenge the fallen.

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